Recently we faced a horrible earthquake in Taiwan. That night was really terrifying! To be honest, I  really thought my house gonna crush down! The center of this earthquake was in Kaohsiung but Tainan was the most serious city. I was following the news and kept wishing as less victims as possible. Tainan is  an historical city in Taiwan. Do you know this is also the first developing city in Taiwan? I didn’t know Tainan quite well, although Tainan and Chiayi are neighborhood(One hour by car). My memory about Tainan is famous with yummy food, cheaper and slow temple life.

Last year when I came back from Germany, I was invited by Donna, my active girl friend who is now working in a Traveling agency. She invited me to have a small trip to Tainan with her.

“Why not?”

I told her “yes!”   and it was a great experience! After this short 2 days trip to Tainan, I would say I know much better about Tainan now. And I want to visit Tainan again soon! Tainan has a charming history and their own lifestyle: the people, the building and the food (of course!)

Thanks for Donna and her Team, WOW TAIWAN.

When you got a chance to visit Tainan and you really really want to know more deeper about this charming city, its a nice opinion to choose WOW TAIWAN. WOW TAIWAN is not like a normal traveling agency as you think, it prefer likes you have a local friend that he welcomes you and introduces what he likes about his hometown. Their main goal is letting the backpacker not only experience the real local life but also can make new friends. What’s more, the price is affordable.

I took a morning train heading to Tainan and met some travelers in the hostel which we stayed one night there.

The traveling plan was quite spontaneous and depend on what you prefer want to experience or check it out.


After a small talk, our mission decided to try as much Tainan’s yammy food as we can.↓↓↓


Each one got a postcard which printed 35 Tainan local food photos.

It’s like a checking list, when you have down, you can make a “X” on your postcard.

A trip with mission is much more fun and I did take this challenge!

I really tried so many different kinds of food in ONE DAY!



The owner of this red bean shop is a young man who was riding his bike the whole Taiwan to cook red bean soup for children and old people who live in countryside. ⇑⇑⇑





The best stink tofu I have ever tried!  ⇑⇑⇑⇑



the woman who sold this cake, told us that before this cake is for the women who gave baby. ⇑⇑⇑





Fish noodle! Like it!  ⇑⇑⇑







would you dare to try spicy chicken feet?  ⇑⇑


Guess what it is! ⇑⇑



ok…This dish I didn’t try…This is fish’s intestines!   ⇑⇑⇑

And you know what is the most craziest thing?

Tainaneses eat this in the MORNING!! It’s their BREAKFAST!!!


There is also one part I really like about this trip is the guide is a good story teller. ⇓⇓⇓

Listening the history or the story of the street and the building was just like walking into the story.






Not only yummy food, I also tried some cool activities.

Make your own notebook!  ⇓⇓



Taiwan has a festival called “Lantern Festival.”
And one of Tainan city combined with the art of sculptured daffodils makes this festival much more special!
If you are interesting, you also can check this festival:
It hold on Jan and Feb every year.

And I had tried how to sculpture my daffodils…  ⇓⇓
That was too hard! I killed almost all…
But it’s still alive and really nice decoration in my house now :D!




Tainan has many charming corners. Many foreigners love to live there because of the slow temple of life.

Besides, Tainan has their own culture and the local government promotes art, so you can see a lot of young people love to create their own business in Tainan.






I had great time there, although it was a short trip. ( After that time, I visited again twice! Now you know what I feel about Tainan)

When you have chance to visit southwest of Taiwan. Don’t miss Tainan, a city with history and culture:) ⇓⇓






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