Taipei culture and cuisine tour at tea village

Have a taste of the tea appreciation and indulge your mind 、body and soul in the magnificence of Pinglin tea garden!

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Where you are entering in it’s not a restaurant, but more like a friend’s home.

Here, there are no waiter or waitress, there are no customers or guests.

There are friends only!


Meet our host: Renee,Owner & Executive Chef of the Pumpkin no.3 and go behind-the-scenes to learn how to cook  a Taiwanese feast at home! Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a novice, this hands on cooking class promises to be fun and entertaining.


Education and entertainment all wrapped in one!

In each class, you will arrive to find an array of colorful, fresh ingredients. You will assist in preparing the meal , and get a grasp of basic cooking techniques and an understanding of essential Taiwan ingredients.


Every ingredient we use are local and on-season ingredients,so every time you come would have different kinds of meal to capture your heart.

See what they have done! It’s awesome and just looks like a beautiful painting on the table. Do you know that you have the magic to do better than that?

Contact us on Facebook to book your feast!


Food has a way of bringing people together, and easily making the best friends in the process. No matter you come alone or with accompany , this is the best way to meet locals and traveler at the same time!



What’s more?

Numbers are limited  to a maximum of 10 people for this small group Taiwan cooking class, ensuring you’ll receive personalized attention from the Renee. You will go home with a full belly and recipes from the evening’s menu so you can re-create this feast at home.


Price: price is subjected to the number of attendees and the on-season ingredients. Contact us at FB Page or for the quotation.

To book this as a private group event, corporate team-building activity or family outing, please fill out the request form.







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