Taipei Day trip for Outgoing person

You’ve been to many countries, walked through each cities in the world and you probably wondering why do all the cities look the same?! Do you feel the same way like me? That ‘s why I would like to share with you the following places near Taipei with super local interests!

Thousand Island Lake

A reservoir surrounded by tea farms and hidden in the mountains! When you live and work on boat from Monday to Friday, you long to get away on weekends! For me, though, getting away is not a wish but a very common thing. Taiwan is famous for our delicious food and hospital people. But we are also famous for our diversified and interesting landscape. Among these wonders is this little river-side farmland located in the mountains of Shi-ding, New Taipei City.


by Heikki Matti Aaltonen

The water forms a wonderful curve where the mountains spread. Therefore, a mixture of mountains and water create an illusion that there are thousands of lakes. To get a full view of the waterway, we will take the well-designed paths among the hillsides. You’ll have bushes of tea leaves waving at you on one side and beaming water on the other. Great place for pictures!



Take the MRT to Xindian and then transfer to 「十三股站(shih-sangu) by bus 12 Green for 40 mins. Walk for around 30-40 mins, you will see the first spot !

Lunch in Pumpkin No.3 

Walking into a local house which run by this cute couple below and having a super great lunch  with on-season vegetable and fruits. It’s not a typical restaurant, it’s like we go to a friend’s home. Sometimes the founder who cook for you would have lunch with us and share with you their stories.  

(Be sure to reserve 3 days in advance because they need time to prepare for the ingredients!)


The front door look

Celebrate the Tea Culture!

Coming here to just indulge your mind, your body and your soul with a cup of tea,have a little talk with the locals and learn how to appreciate the tea. Enjoying the cozy and serene atmosphere for your afternoon.


Pingling is famous for the Pouchong tea (light oolong tea) with clean water directly from high mountain.

You can either join our Tea Culture Tour for 3 hours

Elephant Mountain

Well, this is a must-go place, highly recommend!! I bring everyone to this place and no one disappointed it. Prepared your camera and energy because it would not only tired but also unforgettable. Climbing up the hills to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Taipei with the breathtaking view!


 The End

We will drop you off at the night market. If you ask me, my suggestion would be the Jingmei night market which attracts me so much, especially the cheap but delicious food!


A great and warm day ends in the perfect night!

Join us to explore the Taipei!






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