1 DAY Taipei Tour: Experience the local Taipei

Wow-TAIWAN: Featured Local Taipei Tour !

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If you want to experience the local Taipei, however , you only have LESS than one day?!

Check what we bring to you!

Relax, lean back and enjoy our culture!

The most interesting way to explore what a local Taipei life look like.

Don’t miss it and get ready to explore this amazing city with us!

What we pick for you?

Tour Overview

Each places we go for some reasons, not only because it worth visiting, but also the meaning behind it.  The value we want to bring to you it’s not the famous place itself, but the story and the history inspiring you !

In the morning, we will go to three places that represent Taiwan’ history and politic.

We aim to share super local interests with you , that’s exactly why we take you to the “TEA Village” nearby Taipei. to enjoy the local Taiwanese style food with on-season vegetables and fruits.

In the afternoon, let’s go to explore the Dadaocheng where the Taipei begins  their business ! It became prosperous along with the opening of Damsui port and gradually turned to be the major trade center in north of Taiwan! If you are looking for a classical and cultural place, then Dadaocheng is your perfect choice for sure.


09:00  Follow the path of Taipei 

Presidential Office Building + Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Although we won’t go inside, the tour guide will talk about the history of the building and take some photos for the travelers in front of it so you can easily get some clues of the politic of Taiwan.

Taiwan Presidential Office building

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall


10:00 Longshan Temple

To catch a glimpse of  Taiwanese religious culture.  Longshan Temple is the oldest temple in Taiwan and it’s said very efficacious. The tour guide will explain to you what it means to Taiwan, what it stand for and how to appreciate it! 




11:00 Lunch in TEA Village, Pinling

Not only enjoying the delicious tea cuisine, but also indulging yourself in the magnificence of Thousand Island Lake.  Take your time and slow your path down, it’s not a race, instead it’s how deep you understand this place, how much culture you understand.


13:00   Dadaocheng

 (the area is steeped in history!)

In order to share what Daodoachen truely look like, our local guide would show you around! Walk into the street and discover the meaning behind it, something you won’t notice but super meaningful.




15:00 Taipei 101

 (Impossible to miss the icon of Taipei)

Here, we just go to the front of Taipei 101 to take a photo. You can decide whether you want to go up or not. It costs $500 NTD! No need to make up you mind immediately, we will take you to the perfect spot to see the best view of Taipei city including Taipei 101 without any fee.



16:00 Elephant Mountain

(to see the best view of Taipei)

After taking photos in front of the Taipei 101,  we will go to the best spot to see the whole Taipei without costing any fee. Just climbing up to the hill, the view is breathtaking!



17:00 END

After the enriched tour, we will drive you home and say goodbye to you! If you need any help or would like to give us any feedback, now it’s the good time! 

Explore Taipei like a local!

To book the tour , please fill out the request form.





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