Thousand Island Lake(千島湖)


A reservoir surrounded by tea farms and hidden in the mountains! When you live and work in crowded cities Monday to Friday, you long to get away on weekends! For me, though, getting away is not a wish but a very common thing. Taiwan is famous for our delicious food and hospital people. But we are also famous for our diversified and interesting landscape. Among these wonders is this little river-side farmland located in the mountains of Shi-ding, New Taipei City.
The tea farms can date back a hundred years ago when farmers recognized the potential of these hillsides. With sufficient rainfall and good drainage, this location produces healthy tea leaves for black and green tea. What’s more, sweet olive flowers blossom every fall to spring, providing the local with another natural ingredient. In fact, tea + sweet olive flower meals are known and praised by many Taiwanese gourmets.

In recent years, this small town has been made more famous because of the so-called “thousand island lake.” It is actually more a reservoir than a lake, which is the result of Feitsui Reservoir Dam. The water forms a wonderful curve where the mountains spread. Therefore, a mixture of mountains and water create an illusion that there are thousands of lakes. To get a full view of the waterway, you must take the well-designed paths among the hillsides. You’ll have bushes of tea leaves waving at you on one side and beaming water on the other. Great place for pictures!

You can drive or take the bus to this lovely town. You can venture a bit and bike up! It takes about an hour or two to get to the place depending on your strength and skill. But it’s totally worth it~~Enjoy some tea and a hearty meal, which would give you everything you need for the next journey.



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