Taroko Gorge: This is only for adventurous

If you are like me who loves adventurous and hates traveling like a normal tourists, then this is the way you moustache it. How to experience the real stunning Tarok Gorge?

Most of tourists visit Shakadang Trail, Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou), Eternal Spring Shrine (Changchun Shrine), Tianxiang Scenic Area, these tourist spots are great but only suitable for the older, or someone who prefer calm and easy.

I think for me the most exciting way to appreciate Tarok Gorge is to hike the Zhuiliu old trail and ride a scooter! Driving between these cutting edge cliffs with fresh wind blowing through your face,  you will fully enjoy in the magnificent stone forest.

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Taipei culture and cuisine tour at tea village

Have a taste of the tea appreciation and indulge your mind 、body and soul in the magnificence of Pinglin tea garden! Follow us on Facebook and get tips to visit Pinglin on your own or join us on tours! Where you are entering in it’s not a restaurant, but more like a friend’s home. Here, there are… Continue reading Taipei culture and cuisine tour at tea village