Tour in Taiwan

Taking photos with famous spots? well. that’s definitely not my style.

I will show you how to experience Juifen, and Tarok Gorge as an adventurer!


Visit Juifen old street to taste the local food? That’s not enough for you.



Check out my guidance on how to experience the stunning Juifen. >> Tired of busy tourist spot? Adventure in Teapot mountain, Juifen




Taroko Gorge is boring for me. BUT if you travel in this way, then you will enjoy Tarok Gorge in a whole new experience. >> Taroko day tour 





Tired of Taipei city but doesn’t have enough time to go out of Taipei?



Well, here it is! An hidden village located in the tea mountain called Pinglin. Here you can experience the Taiwan’s tea culture and indulge yourself in this serene village.



Check it out >> Enjoy a tea break in Taipei